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Money Saving Strategies               

There are simple and easy steps you can take to save hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year.  Saving thousands of dollars a year is an attainable goal without making drastic changes.  Making a few simple changes over time can save you a lot of money each year.

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I share the simple steps I put into place that saves me thousands of dollars each year.  The cost of living became out of control and I found myself working more hours to stay afloat.  I was working more and saving less and my social life diminished too.  Regrouping and making changes I'm now more organized, less stressed and simplified my life.  Going broke was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The first money saving tip that can easily save you hundreds of dollars a month is to use coupons when you grocery shop.  Waiting for the Sunday paper to clip coupons is out-of-date.  Using technology saves time and money.  Visit a grocery store website, create an account, transfer digital coupons directly to your store cards and at the check-out line the cashier swipes your card and you save money.   You can also visit SavingStar to transfer eCoupons to store loyalty cards too.  To save even more money you can visit, browse, choose and then print out free Internet coupons.  The best part of printing coupons from the Internet is that you can browse 24-7 without having to wait for the Sunday newspaper each week.  You save time and money.

Money Saving Ideas

A list of ideas that can save you money daily without feeling like you had to make a huge change.  A lot of little changes adds up to a lot of money saved.

1)  Make tea or coffee at home to go.  When you leave for work you give yourself more time by not stopping at the store and you save money each day.

2)  Buy your favorite breakfast food in bulk and eat it on the way to work.  You save money, save time not stopping for breakfast and you energize yourself for the day.

3)  Pack a lunch instead of eating out all the time.  You save money and you eat more healthy.

4)  Stock your bag, briefcase or car up with wet-wipes, tissues, over the counter medication like aspirin, Rolaides/Tums, allergy and sinus pills or whatever else you use throughout your day.  Having these items on hand makes life easier and saves money over time.  Being organized does matter.

5)  Most offices have hot water brewing in the lunch room or designated lunch area.  Bring instant coffee and tea bags to work or leave a box in your desk draw.  You can even bring cups of soup that only require hot water to make.

If you followed the money saving ideas above, I believe you would save at least $25.00 a week.  I've done the above for years and I saved at least $25.00 a week and spent less time waiting in lines.

More Ways To Stretch A Dollar

Taking the time to regroup and get organized saves time and money.

When stocking up on individual packages of tissues and wet-wipes, stock up when items are on sale or stock up at a dollar store.  Have you ever had to buy a single individual package of tissues from a convenient store and spent about $1.00 on that one package?  I have and it's annoying when you know you can get three for the price of one.  How about wet-wipes?  Wet-wipes too can cost a $1.00 + for one individual package but you can buy in bulk and split the package up into snack-sized baggies to save money.  I buy one large package of wet-wipes from a dollar store and package them into six individual snack bags and that lasts me a long time.

Recycle With No Hassle

When you grocery shop do you reuse the bags for light daily garbage?  When you receive a gift in a gift-bag do you save the gift-bag to reuse it?  How about saving Take-Out containers and plastic utensils and using them to package lunch?  Recycling items to use them at least once saves a lot of money and time over the course of each month.

Stocking Up On Cleaning Supplies

Stocking up on your favorite cleaning supplies when they are on sale and using a coupon to save even more money saves a lot of money each year.

Two Cleaning Ideas

When clothes get old and not worth passing down, cut the clothes into rags.  Rags always come in handy and it takes about five minutes to cut a pile of rags.

S.O.S and Brillo Pads.  Instead of letting them rust on the side of the sink, cut them in half or in quarters and place them in a ziplock bag.  You get a lot more for your money because you're not wasting and the supply lasts longer.

Save Money On Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is popular because of its convenience but did you know you can microwave popcorn in a lunch sized paper bag?  It works, its cost effective and it's delicious.

Take 1/3 cup of corn kernels, pour into a brown paper bag, fold top and microwave for about two minutes.  You get delicious hot popcorn.

I write about money saving tips a lot and the list below are links to more articles I've wrote over the years.  The more I learn the more I write.

If you have money saving tips that are easy to adjust to, please post them in the comment section.  I'm all for learning more ways to saving money.

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